MFP Spree rides to cure MS!
In Honor of Milford Beachy 2008Kari designs our jerseys
MFP Spree will be riding again this year in 2015.  MFP Spree began as a very small group consisting of the Kubala family (Ginger, Dirk, Kari) and Camachi family (Mike and Ashley) in 1991.  We evolved into an official "Team" and have added more family, friends, coworkers, and patients of Montgomery Family Practice, Inc. over the years. 

This will be 25 years since our first ride and we celebrate our 25th Anniversary!  Join us...
2005 was a pivotal year incorporating Children's Hospital riders and the MS young professionals group.  That year we raised over $30,000.00 for multiple sclerosis.  A spin off team was created by Children's Hospital riders and that team is doing great things fundraising for MS.

2008 became a very memorable year for a very tragic reason.  Milford Beachy (our top fundraiser) and father of Nicole Hilar (MS survivor) died in a jet ski accident just weeks before the ride.  Another spinoff team was created by his friend Brian, now riding as "The Misfits"  We are happy to see another team growing and riding for a cure to end the devastation of multiple sclerosis.  In 2008, we proudly wore an image of Milford Beachy on our light blue tshirt in memory of his efforts to fight MS and find a cure for his daughter.

2009 we rode from Camp Kern.  Our team won best banner, thanks to Kari Kubala. 2009 Team Picture is shown above with a great group of people riding.  Best Banner 2010, thanks again Kari! We had lots of fun as always, riding to cure MS!

2014 saw some new additions from the Cincinnati Cycling club.  Welcome Cincinnati Cyclery members.  MFP Spree would also like to welcome the new Trihealth team this year.  As always, it was a great ride!
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